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A Golden LandscapePAT-Gol1
Acres Wild HatPAT-Acr0
Admiral Bendow Valkyrie- Limited EditionVAL0011
African Daisy DamselDMS0028
African Daisy DjinniDJ0024
African Daisy Dragon SockDRS0020
African Daisy PixiePIX0024
African Daisy Polwarth Silk RovingPS0020
African Daisy Selkie SportSSP0021
African Daisy Super TravellerSTR0023
African Daisy Traveller TRA0020
African Daisy ValkyrieVAL0020
Airport Hot Sauce DamselDMS0083
Airport Hot Sauce Dance Rustic Silk DA0085
Airport Hot Sauce DharmaDHA0083
Airport Hot Sauce DjinniDJ0082
Airport Hot Sauce Dragon SockDRS0082
Airport Hot Sauce PixiePIX00812
Airport Hot Sauce Selkie SportSSP0085
Airport Hot Sauce Squishy LaceSQ0088
Airport Hot Sauce Super TravellerSTR0082
Airport Hot Sauce TravellerTRA0080
Airport Hot Sauce ValkyrieVAL00814
All Points South Pullover Shawl kit KIT3926
All the Shades of Truth Kit KIT1996
Allium Globemaster Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ91631
Amelia PinaforePAT-Ame0
Amethyst ValkyrieVAL92000
Apollo DamselDMS1557
Apollo Dance Rustic SilkDA1550
Apollo DharmaDHA1552
Apollo DjinniDJ1551
Apollo Dragon SockDRS1550
Apollo PixiePIX1553
Apollo Selkie SportSSP1553
Apollo Squishy LaceSQ1551
Apollo Super TravellerSTR1552
Apollo Traveller TRA1552
Apollo ValkyrieVAL1552
Apple TurnoverPAT_011
April ShowersPAT-Apr0
Arya DamselDMS2094
Arya DharmaDHA2096
Arya DjinniDJ2090
Arya Dragon SockDRS20915
Arya Merino Silk RovingMS2090
Arya Pixie PIX2090
Arya Selkie SportSSP2098
Arya Squishy LaceSQ20911
Arya Super TravellerSTR20913
Arya TravellerTRA2099
Arya ValkyrieVAL20917
Ashburn KitKIT2868
Asparagus Damsel - Limited EditionDMS90740
Aspen Damsel - Limited EditionDMS0060
Aspen Traveller - Limited EditionTRA0060
Aubergine Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS0090
Aubergine Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL0092
Aurora Borealis DamselDMS0107
Aurora Borealis DjinniDJ0101
Aurora Borealis Dragon SockDRS0100
Aurora Borealis PixiePIX0100
Aurora Borealis Squishy LaceSQ0100
Aurora Borealis Super TravellerSTR0101
Aurora Borealis TravellerTRA0101
Aurora Borealis ValkyrieVAL0102
Avocado Traveller - Limited Edition - LightTRA9095L0
Azule Traveller Limited EditionTRA92043
Bad Moon Rising DamselDMS0114
Bad Moon Rising DjinniDJ0119
Bad Moon Rising Dragon SockDRS0110
Bad Moon Rising Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS011SET8
Bad Moon Rising PixiePIX0119
Bad Moon Rising Polwarth RovingP00110
Bad Moon Rising Selkie SportSSP0114
Bad Moon Rising ShawlPAT-Bad0
Bad Moon Rising Shawl KitKIT2669
Bad Moon Rising Squishy LaceSQ0112
Bad Moon Rising Super TravellerSTR0116
Bad Moon Rising TravellerTRA0111
Bad Moon Rising Traveller Gradient SetTRA011SET2
Baltic Pixie - Limited EditionPIX2883
Baltimore Oriole DjinniDJ0120
Baltimore Oriole Dragon SockDRS0120
Baltimore Oriole PixiePIX0121
Baltimore Oriole TravellerTRA0120
Beaches DamselDMS37612
Beaches Dance Rustic SilkDA3764
Beaches DharmaDHA3762
Beaches DjinniDJ3765
Beaches Dragon SockDRS3762
Beaches Merino Silk RovingMS3760
Beaches PixiePIX3760
Beaches Selkie Sport SSP37612
Beaches Squishy Lace SQ3764
Beaches TravellerTRA3760
Beaches ValkyrieVAL37611
Beautiful Mystery Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS91960
Beauty School Dropout DamselDMS3662
Beauty School Dropout Dance Rustic SilkDA3663
Beauty School Dropout DjinniDJ3665
Beauty School Dropout Dragon SockDRS3669
Beauty School Dropout PixiePIX3663
Beauty School Dropout Super TravellerSTR3663
Beauty School Dropout Traveller TRA3660
Beauty School Dropout ValkyrieVAL3663
Big Apple DamselDMS0142
Big Apple DjinniDJ0140
Big Apple Dragon SockDRS0140
Big Apple Polwarth Silk RovingPS0140
Big Apple Selkie SportSSP0141
Big Apple Super TravellerSTR0141
Big Apple Traveller TRA0140
Big Apple ValkyrieVAL0141
Biloxi Blues Traveller Limited EditionTRA91995
Birch DamselDMS2600
Birch DharmaDHA2601
Birch Djinni DJ2602
Birch Dragon SockDRS2603
Birch PixiePIX2601
Birch Selkie SportSSP2600
Birch Super TravellerSTR2600
Birch Traveller TRA2600
Birch ValkyrieVAL2605
Black Iris Dragon Sock- Limited EditionDRS2623
Black Iris Limited Edition Pixie PIX2622
Black Iris Traveller Limited EditionTRA2623
Black is Black Dance Rustic Silk DA1530
Black is Black DamselDMS1532
Black is Black DjinniDJ1530
Black is Black Dragon SockDRS1530
Black is Black Pixie PIX1530
Black is Black Squishy LaceSQ1532
Black is Black Super TravellerSTR1530
Black is Black TravellerTRA1535
Black is Black ValkyrieVAL1530
Black Pearl DamselDMS0151
Black Pearl Dance Rustic Silk DA0157
Black Pearl DharmaDHA0155
Black Pearl DjinniDJ0151
Black Pearl Dragon SockDRS0158
Black Pearl Merino Silk RovingMS0151
Black Pearl PixiePIX0150
Black Pearl Polwarth Silk RovingPS0150
Black Pearl Selkie SportSSP0154
Black Pearl Squishy LaceSQ0159
Black Pearl Super TravellerSTR0155
Black Pearl TravellerTRA0150
Black Pearl ValkyrieVAL0151
Black Raspberry Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ91442
Black Walnut DamselDMS2951
Black Walnut Dance Rustic Silk DA2957
Black Walnut Dragon SockDRS2953
Black Walnut PixiePIX2950
Black Walnut Selkie SportSSP2951
Black Walnut Squishy LaceSQ2953
Black Walnut Traveller TRA2951
Black Walnut ValkyrieVAL29511
Black Watch DamselDMS2870
Blue Dolphin Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR0190
Blue Dolphin Traveller - Limited EditionTRA0190
Blue LagoonPAT-Blu1
Blue Moon Traveller TRA3695
Blue Morning Glory Dance Rustic Silk DA3037
Blue Skies PixiePIX0220
Blue Skies Squishy LaceSQ0221
Blue Velvet Big Foot RovingBFR0210
Blue Velvet DamselDMS0213
Blue Velvet Dance Rustic Silk DA0217
Blue Velvet DharmaDHA0215
Blue Velvet DjinniDJ0211
Blue Velvet Dragon SockDRS0210
Blue Velvet PixiePIX0219
Blue Velvet Polwarth Silk RovingPS0210
Blue Velvet Selkie SportSSP02114
Blue Velvet Squishy LaceSQ0211
Blue Velvet Super TravellerSTR0210
Blue Velvet TravellerTRA0216
Blue Velvet ValkyrieVAL02110
Botanical Garden Dance Rustic Silk DA3330
Bougainvillea DjinniDJ0241
Bougainvillea Dragon SockDRS0240
Bougainvillea DamselDMS0246
Bougainvillea PixiePIX0240
Bougainvillea Polwarth Silk RovingPS0240
Bougainvillea Squishy LaceSQ0241
Bougainvillea Super TravellerSTR0240
Bougainvillea TravellerTRA0242
Boysenberry Djinni - Limited EditionDJ91950
Boysenberry Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS91950
Burkhardt WristersPAT-Bur0
Burnished Traveller Limited EditionTRA90351
Burnt Sienna Dance Rustic Silk Limited EditionDA92101
Buttermilk DamselDMS3365
Buttermilk DjinniDJ33612
Buttermilk Dragon SockDRS3361
Buttermilk PixiePIX33617
Buttermilk Traveller TRA3361
Butternut Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL91490
Byzantine CowlPAT-051
Cactus WrenPAT-00181
Camellia Damsel - Limited Edition DMS3260
Camellia Djinni - Limited Edition DJ3260
Camellia Dragon Sock - Limited Edition DRS3260
Camellia Merino Silk Roving - Limited EditionMS3261
Camellia Pixie -Limited Edition PIX3260
Camellia Polwarth Silk RovingPS3261
Camellia Squishy Lace - Limited Edition SQ3262
Camellia Super Traveller - Limited Edition STR3260
Camellia Traveller - Limited Edition TRA3260
Camellia Valkyrie - Limited Edition VAL3260
Candy Cane Beanie and BeretPAT-00281
Candy Cane DamselDMS1390
Candy Cane DjinniDJ1396
Candy Cane Dragon SockDRS1393
Candy Cane PixiePIX1390
Candy Cane Super TravellerSTR1393
Candy Cane TravellerTRA1395
Candy Cane ValkyrieVAL1396
Captain Nemo DamselDMS2270
Captain Nemo Dance Rustic Silk DA2270
Captain Nemo DjinniDJ2270
Captain Nemo Dragon SockDRS2274
Captain Nemo PixiePIX2277
Captain Nemo Selkie SportSSP2276
Captain Nemo Super TravellerSTR2273
Captain Nemo TravellerTRA2270
Captain Nemo ValkyrieVAL2277
Catelyn DamselDMS1781
Catelyn Dance Rustic Silk DA1780
Catelyn DharmaDHA1785
Catelyn DjinniDJ1782
Catelyn Dragon SockDRS1780
Catelyn PixiePIX1783
Catelyn Selkie SportSSP1787
Catelyn Squishy LaceSQ1788
Catelyn Super TravellerSTR1780
Catelyn Traveller TRA1783
Catelyn ValkyrieVAL1789
Cayenne Damsel - Limited EditionDMS0260
Celestial SocksPAT-Cel1
Chain MittsPAT-00091
Chasing Butterflies PAT-Cha0
Cherry on Top Big Foot RovingBFR2350
Cherry on Top DamselDMS2350
Cherry on Top DjinniDJ2354
Cherry on Top Dragon SockDRS2351
Cherry on Top PixiePIX2350
Cherry on Top Selkie SportSSP2354
Cherry on Top Super TravellerSTR2350
Cherry on Top ValkyrieVAL2351
Cherry on TopTravellerTRA2351
Cheshire Cat DamselDMS2182
Cheshire Cat Dance Rustic Silk DA2183
Cheshire Cat DharmaDHA2188
Cheshire Cat DjinniDJ2187
Cheshire Cat Dragon SockDRS2188
Cheshire Cat Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS218SET7
Cheshire Cat PixiePIX2180
Cheshire Cat Polwarth Silk RovingPS2180
Cheshire Cat Selkie SportSSP2188
Cheshire Cat Squishy LaceSQ2183
Cheshire Cat Super TravellerSTR2185
Cheshire Cat Traveller TRA2182
Cheshire Cat Traveller Gradient SetTRA218SET8
Cheshire Cat ValkyrieVAL2183
Chief Black Hawk DjinniDJ0291
Chief Black Hawk Dragon SockDRS0290
Chief Black Hawk PixiePIX0290
Chief Black Hawk Super TravellerSTR0290
Chief Black Hawk Traveller TRA0293
Chief Black Hawk ValkyrieVAL0292
Chief Black Hawk Valkyrie - LightVAL029L0
Chief Blackhawk DamselDMS0290
Chocolate Cherries Dragon Sock- Limited EditionDRS91370
City that Never Sleep Damsel - Limited EditionDMS3541
City that Never Sleeps Pixie - Limited EditionPIX3540
City that Never Sleeps Super TravellerSTR3540
City that Never Sleeps Traveller - Limited EditionTRA3540
Club Dragonfly 2017CLUB201761
Cognac DamselDMS0348
Cognac Dance Rustic Silk DA0340
Cognac DharmaDHA0340
Cognac DjinniDJ0344
Cognac Dragon SockDRS0346
Cognac Merino Silk RovingMS0340
Cognac PixiePIX0344
Cognac Selkie SportSSP0340
Cognac Squishy LaceSQ0342
Cognac Super TravellerSTR0342
Cognac Traveller TRA0340
Cognac ValkyrieVAL03412
Conch Shell DamselDMS0300
Conch Shell Dance Rustic Silk DA0301
Conch Shell DjinniDJ0300
Conch Shell Dragon SockDRS0300
Conch Shell PixiePIX0300
Conch Shell Squishy LaceSQ0300
Congratulations Gift CardGIFT3100000
Corteza Roja DamselDMS0335
Corteza Roja DjinniDJ0332
Corteza Roja Dragon SockDRS0330
Corteza Roja PixiePIX0335
Corteza Roja Squishy LaceSQ0336
Corteza Roja Traveller TRA0336
Corteza Roja ValkyrieVAL0331
County Fair Pixie - Vintage EditionPIX0326
Cozumel Scarf and MittsPAT-Coz1
Cranberries Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ91020
Daelin ShawlPAT-Dae0
Daenerys DamselDMS1794
Daenerys Dance Rustic Silk DA1793
Daenerys DharmaDHA1797
Daenerys DjinniDJ1791
Daenerys Dragon SockDRS1794
Daenerys PixiePIX1792
Daenerys Selkie SportSSP1796
Daenerys Squishy LaceSQ1790
Daenerys Super TravellerSTR1797
Daenerys TravellerTRA1792
Damsel on These TressesPAT-00271
Death by Chocolate Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS371SET4
Death by Chocolate Traveller Gradient SetTRA371SET5
Deep Blue-green Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90660
Delray Beach Limited Edition Djinni DJ91761
Denali DamselDMS2361
Denali Djinni DJ2360
Denali Dragon SockDRS23612
Denali PixiePIX2367
Denali Selkie SportSSP2367
Denali Squishy LaceSQ2361
Denali Super TravellerSTR2363
Denali TravellerTRA2362
Denali ValkyrieVAL23610
Desert Sage Potluck Pixie - Limited EditionPIX916113
Desperado Damsel - Limited EditionDMS91880
Dianthus ChildPAT-Dia1
Dirty Martini TravellerTRA3682
District 12 DamselDMS1441
District 12 Dance Rustic Silk DA1440
District 12 DharmaDHA1449
District 12 DjinniDJ1443
District 12 Dragon SockDRS1440
District 12 Merino Silk RovingMS1440
District 12 PixiePIX1447
District 12 Selkie SportSSP1448
District 12 Squishy LaceSQ1444
District 12 Super TravellerSTR1442
District 12 TravellerTRA1440
District 12 ValkyrieVAL1442
Downtown Line Shawl KitKIT3529
Dr. Frankenstein Pixie - Vintage EditionPIX4021
Dragon FlamesPAT-Dra0
Dragon Flames Cardigan Kit KIT2915
Dragon Wagon DamselDMS2907
Dragon Wagon DjinniDJ2905
Dragon Wagon Dragon SockDRS2905
Dragon Wagon PixiePIX2906
Dragon Wagon Selkie SportSSP2904
Dragon Wagon Super TravellerSTR2900
Dragon Wagon TravellerTRA2903
Dragon Wagon ValkyrieVAL29011
Dragonberry DamselDMS0363
Dragonberry Dance Rustic Silk DA03613
Dragonberry DharmaDHA0362
Dragonberry DjinniDJ0364
Dragonberry Dragon SockDRS0364
Dragonberry Merino Silk RovingMS0360
Dragonberry PixiePIX0361
Dragonberry Polwarth Silk RovingPS0360
Dragonberry Selkie SportSSP0361
Dragonberry Squishy LaceSQ0361
Dragonberry Super TravellerSTR0362
Dragonberry TravellerTRA0363
Dragonberry ValkyrieVAL03610
Dragonfly CowlPAT-00191
Dragonfly Damsel - Limited EditionDMS0370
Dragonfly Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS0370
Dragonfly Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS401SET8
Dragonfly Mitt KitsKIT2420
Dragonfly MittsPAT-00201
Dragonfly Traveller Gradient SetTRA401SET5
Duotone Cowl KitKIT3099
E. BunnyPAT-Ebu0
Earth and Green DamselDMS3017
Earth and Green DjinniDJ3016
Eastern Bluebird DamselDMS0380
Eastern Bluebird DjinniDJ0380
Eastern Bluebird PixiePIX0380
Elizabeth ShawlPAT-Eli1
Elvira Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ90991
Emerald Isle Limited Edition Dance Rustic Silk DA91380
Espresso Roast Damsel- Limited EditionDMS0402
Espresso Roast Dance Rustic Silk - Limited EditionDA0401
Espresso Roast Djinni- Limited EditionDJ0400
Espresso Roast Dragon Sock- Limited EditionDRS0400
Espresso Roast Pixie- Limited EditionPIX0400
Espresso Roast Squishy Lace- Limited EditionSQ0402
Espresso Roast Super Traveller- Limited EditionSTR04015
Espresso Roast Traveller- Limited EditionTRA0401
Evil Vs GoodPAT-Evi1
Fade Into YouPAT-Fad0
Far Into the ForestPAT-Far0
Fighting Irish PixiePIX0422
Fighting Irish DamselDMS0420
Fighting Irish DjinniDJ0421
Fighting Irish Dragon SockDRS0423
Fighting Irish Polwarth Silk RovingPS0420
Fighting Irish Super TravellerSTR0424
Fighting Irish Traveller TRA0420
Find Your Fade KitKIT36215
Fire in the Evening DamselDMS2490
Fire in the Evening DjinniDJ24911
Fire in the Evening Dragon SockDRS2490
Fire in the Evening PixiePIX2493
Fire in the Evening Selkie SportSSP2493
Fire in the Evening Super TravellerSTR2492
Fire in the Evening TravellerTRA2490
Fire in the Evening ValkyrieVAL2493
Fire Island Sunset KitKIT3752
Firecracker DamselDMS0441
Firecracker DharmaDHA0440
Firecracker DjinniDJ0443
Firecracker Dragon SockDRS0440
Firecracker Merino Silk RovingMS0440
Firecracker PixiePIX0440
Firecracker Polwarth Silk RovingPS0440
Firecracker Selkie SportSSP0440
Firecracker Squishy LaceSQ0443
Firecracker Super TravellerSTR0440
Firecracker TravellerTRA0440
Firecracker ValkyrieVAL0443
Flamed Limited Edition PixiePIX91800
Flaming Lips Djinni - Vintage EditionDJ0453
Flannel Pajamas DamselDMS04613
Flannel Pajamas DjinniDJ0460
Flannel Pajamas Dragon SockDRS0460
Flannel Pajamas PixiePIX0460
Flannel Pajamas Squishy LaceSQ0460
Flannel Pajamas Super TravellerSTR0460
Flannel Pajamas TravellerTRA0461
Flannel Pajamas ValkyrieVAL0464
Flower Pot Traveller - Limited Edition TRA92033
Forget Me Knot DamselDMS0471
Forget Me Knot Dance Rustic Silk DA0470
Forget me Knot DharmaDHA0471
Forget Me Knot DjinniDJ0470
Forget Me Knot Dragon SockDRS0472
Forget Me Knot PixiePIX0472
Forget Me Knot Polwarth Silk RovingPS0470
Forget Me Knot Squishy LaceSQ0470
Forget Me Knot Super TravellerSTR0478
Forget Me Knot TravellerTRA0473
Forget Me Knot Traveller - LightTRA047L0
Forget Me Knot ValkyrieVAL0475
Fractal Poppies KitKIT3216
French QuarterPAT-00051
Fresh Olives Damsel - Limited EditionDMS0480
Fresh Olives Djinni - Limited EditionDJ0481
Fresh Olives Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR0482
Fresh Olives Traveller - Limited EditionTRA0480
Galapagos Djinni Vintage EditionDJ0496
Garden Teal Pixie - Limited EditionPIX90770
Gaughin's Island DjinniDJ0500
Gauguin's Island DamselDMS0500
Gauguin's Island PixiePIX0501
Gift CardGIFT199939
Golden Compass Dance Rustic SilkDA3083
Golden Compass DharmaDHA3080
Golden Compass DjinniDJ3085
Golden Compass Dragon SockDRS3080
Golden Compass Merino Silk RovingMS3080
Golden Compass PixiePIX3082
Golden Compass Selkie SportSSP3080
Golden Compass Squishy LaceSQ3085
Golden Compass Super TravellerSTR3082
Golden Compass TravellerTRA3082
Golden Compass ValkyrieVAL3080
Golden Globe Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS91060
Golden Pear Damsel - Limited EditionDMS05111
Golden Pear Djinni 2 oz. - Limited Edition DJM0510
Golden Pear Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS0510
Golden Pear Pixie - Limited EditionPIX90515
Gradient Linen MittsPAT-Gra0
Grape Jelly Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90092
Great White Shark Mitten KitsKIT3636
Green Tea DjinniDJ1592
Gypsy Rose Dragon Sock- Limited EditionDRS92080
Gyre and GimblePAT-Gyr1
Hairspray Traveller TRA3700
Hampton CowlPAT-Ham0
Hand of the King Damsel -Limited EditionDMS1812
Hand of the King Djinni -Limited EditionDJ1810
Hand of the King Dragon Sock -Limited EditionDRS1810
Hand of the King Pixie -Limited EditionPIX1813
Hand of the King Selkie Sport -Limited EditionSSP1814
Hand of the King Squishy Lace -Limited EditionSQ1815
Hand of the King Super Traveller -Limited EditionSTR1811
Hand of the King Traveller -Limited EditionTRA1810
Hand of the King Valkyrie -Limited EditionVAL1810
Heart of Darkness Damsel - Limited EditionDMS90110
Heart of Darkness Djinni - Limited EditionDJ90111
Heart of Darkness Traveller - Limited EditionTRA90110
Heirloom Tomatoes Super Traveller - Limited editionSTR3442
Heirloom Tomatoes Traveller - Limited EsitionTRA3440
Heliotrope DamselDMS0553
Heliotrope Dance Rustic Silk DA0554
Heliotrope DharmaDHA0550
Heliotrope Djinni DJ0554
Heliotrope Dragon SockDRS0550
Heliotrope Pixie PIX0550
Heliotrope Selkie SportSSP0554
Heliotrope Squishy LaceSQ0553
Heliotrope Super TravellerSTR0558
Heliotrope TravellerTRA0551
Heliotrope ValkyrieVAL05510
Herb Garden Traveller - Limited EditionTRA9012 1
Heroine DamselDMS0561
Heroine Dance Rustic Silk DA0560
Heroine DjinniDJ05610
Heroine Dragon SockDRS0563
Heroine Pixie PIX0562
Heroine Pixie 2 ozPIX056L6
Heroine Polwarth RovingPO0560
Heroine Squishy LaceSQ0561
Heroine Super TravellerSTR0560
Heroine TravellerTRA0560
Hidalgo Big Foot RovingBFR0570
Hidalgo DamselDMS0570
Hidalgo DharmaDHA0574
Hidalgo DjinniDJ0571
Hidalgo PixiePIX0574
Hidalgo Selkie SportSSP0571
Hidalgo Squishy LaceSQ0570
Hidalgo Super TravellerSTR0570
Hidalgo Traveller TRA0573
Hidalgo ValkyrieVAL05712
Hidcote Gardens Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS3190
Highgarden Damsel - Limited Edition DMS1950
Highgarden Dance Rustic Silk - limited editionDA1950
Highgarden Dragon Sock- Limited EditionDRS1952
Highgarden Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ1953
Highgarden Pixie - Limited Edition PIX1953
Highgarden Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR1950
Highgarden Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL1950
Hills of EvendimPAT-Hil0
Holiday Gift CardGIFT499999
Horton Hears a Who DamselDMS3235
Horton Hears a Who DjinniDJ3232
Horton Hears a Who Dragon SockDRS3234
Horton Hears a Who PixiePIX3231
Horton Hears a Who TravellerTRA3236
Hot Pants DamselDMS0603
Hot Pants Dance Rustic SilkDA0606
Hot Pants DharmaDHA0600
Hot Pants DjinniDJ0603
Hot Pants Dragon SockDRS0604
Hot Pants NautilaceNL0601
Hot Pants Pixie PIX0605
Hot Pants Selkie SportSSP0605
Hot Pants Squishy LaceSQ0600
Hot Pants Super TravellerSTR0600
Hot Pants TravellerTRA0600
Hot Pants ValkyrieVAL0604
Hotsy Totsy! Dance Rustic Silk - Limited EditionDA92111
Ice Pop Rainbow DjinniDJ001
Icelandic Skies DjinniDJ3615
Icelandic Skies Dragon SockDRS3616
Icelandic Skies PixiePIX3617
Icelandic Skies Selkie SportSSP3618
Icelandic Skies Traveller TRA3611
Icelandic Skies Valkyrie VAL36110
Indigo Blush Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91560
Into the Woods DamselDMS0615
Into the Woods Dance Rustic Silk DA0618
Into the Woods DharmaDHA0614
Into the Woods DjinniDJ0615
Into the Woods Dragon SockDRS06111
Into the Woods PixiePIX0614
Into the Woods Selkie SportSSP0611
Into the Woods Squishy LaceSQ0613
Into the Woods Super TravellerSTR0613
Into the Woods TravellerTRA0610
Into the Woods ValkyrieVAL0617
Iridaceae Pour HommePAT-IPH0
Jack of Hearts Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS315SET2
Jack of Hearts Traveller Gradient SetTRA315SET0
Jayda CowlPAT-00061
Jean Jacket Pixie - Limited EditionPIX90130
Jocelyn DamselDMS2803
Jocelyn Dance Rustic Silk DA2804
Jocelyn DharmaDHA2804
Jocelyn Djinni DJ2803
Jocelyn Dragon SockDRS2802
Jocelyn Pixie PIX2801
Jocelyn Selkie SportSSP2807
Jocelyn Squishy LaceSQ2805
Jocelyn Super TravellerSTR2800
Jocelyn TravellerTRA2802
Jocelyn ValkyrieVAL28015
Just Because Gift CardGIFT5100000
Karen's Blue Traveller - Limited EditionTRA1521
Karens Blue Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL1520
Kelpie DamselDMS1677
Kelpie Dance Rustic Silk DA1676
Kelpie DharmaDHA1678
Kelpie Djinni DJ1671
Kelpie Dragon SockDRS1674
Kelpie PixiePIX1671
Kelpie Selkie SportSSP1671
Kelpie Squishy LaceSQ16711
Kelpie Super TravellerSTR1670
Kelpie TravellerTRA1670
Kelpie ValkyrieVAL1679
Kensington Farmers Market DamselDMS2633
Kensington Farmers Market PixiePIX2631
Kensington Farmers' Market DjinniDJ2630
Key Lime Pie Traveller - Limited EditionTRA92023
Khuno CowlPat-Khu0
Khuno Cowl KitKIT2972
Kings and Thieves Cowl KitKIT3826
Kombu Dance Rustic Silk - Limited EditionDA91912
Lady Banks' Yellow Rose Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS91904
Land Of Giants Squishy Lace Limited EditionSQ92093
Laura's Eyes Pixie - Limited EditionPIX3297
Leagues Under the Sea Traveller - Limited EditionTRA91693
Lichen Pixie - Limited Edition - LightPIX91432
Lights Burn BluePAT-Lig0
Lilly TunicPAT-Lil1
Limelight DamselDMS1423
Limelight Dance Rustic Silk DA1420
Limelight DjinniDJ14214
Limelight Dragon SockDRS1420
Limelight PixiePIX1427
Limelight Selkie SportSSP1420
Limelight Squishy LaceSQ1422
Limelight Super TravellerSTR1423
Limelight TravellerTRA1424
Limelight ValkyrieVAL14210
Little DeschutesPAT-Lit1
Liz ChristyPAT-Liz0
Lizzie Borden Limited Edition PixiePIX91781
Lothlórien Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91540
Love & Happiness Limited Edition DamselDMS3845
Love & Happiness Limited Edition Dragon SockDRS3843
Love and Happiness Limited Edition PixiePIX3847
Low Tide Dharma - Limited EditionDHA91840
Low Tide Selkie Sport - Limited EditionSSP91840
Low Tide Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ91840
Low Tide Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL91840
Mad Love DamselDMS0646
Mad Love DjinniDJ0649
Mad Love Dragon SockDRS0646
Mad Love Pixie PIX0644
Mad Love Selkie SportSSP0646
Mad Love Super TravellerSTR0645
Mad Love Traveller TRA0641
Maggie May Pixie - Vintage EditionPIX0653
Maltese Falcon Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ90940
Manzanita Dance Rustic Silk DA91973
Mardi Gras Mambo DamselDMS0662
Mardi Gras Mambo DjinniDJ0660
Mardi Gras Mambo Dragon SockDRS0661
Mardi Gras Mambo PixiePIX0660
Mardi Gras Mambo TravellerTRA0660
Marilyn in Color Cowl KitKIT3205
Marilyn's Lips DamselDMS2990
Marilyn's Lips DharmaDHA29910
Marilyn's Lips DjinniDJ2993
Marilyn's Lips Dragon SockDRS2990
Marilyn's Lips PixiePIX2993
Marilyn's Lips Selkie SportSSP2998
Marilyn's Lips TravellerTRA2994
Marilyn's Lips ValkyrieVAL2998
Maryland Blue Crab Damsel - Limited EditionDMS2790
Maryland Blue Crab Merino Silk Roving - Limited EditionMS2790
Maryland Blue Crab Pixie - Limited EditionPIX2790
Masterpiece Knits: The Modern CollectionBOOK00140
Mermaid DamselDMS0675
Mermaid Dance Rustic Silk DA0675
Mermaid DjinniDJ0671
Mermaid Dragon SockDRS06714
Mermaid PixiePIX0672
Mermaid Selkie SportSSP0679
Mermaid Squishy LaceSQ0677
Mermaid Super TravellerSTR06712
Mermaid Traveller TRA0678
Mermaid Valkyrie VAL0675
Mexican Hot Chocolate Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91920
Mid-century Magnolia DjinniDJ3655
Mid-century Magnolia Dragon SockDRS3651
Mid-century Magnolia PixiePIX3652
Mid-Century Magnolias Traveller TRA3651
Mid-century Modern Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS365SET16
Mid-century Modern Traveller Gradient SetTRA365SET5
Middle Earth DamselDMS3604
Middle Earth Djinni DJ3604
Middle Earth Dragon SockDRS3603
Middle Earth PixiePIX3602
Middle Earth Polwarth RovingPOL3601
Middle Earth TravellerTRA3600
Midnight Lea Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90171
Midnight Lea Selkie Sport - Limited EditionSSP90173
Midnight Lea Traveller - Limited EditionTRA90170
Midnight PixiePIX0680
Midnight TravellerTRA0680
Mighty Volunteers Damsel - Limited EditionDMS91211
Milk Chocolate Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ90184
Mirkwood Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90191
Mirrormere Limited Edition PixiePIX91747
Mocha Latte Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91930
Monster Mash Damsel - Limited EditionDMS3859
Monster Mash Dharma - Limited EditionDHA 3856
Monster Mash Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS3852
Monster Mash Limited Edition DharmaDHA3854
Monster Mash Pixie - Limited editionPIX3851
Monster Mash Selkie Sport - Limited EditionSSP38511
Monster Mash Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR3858
Monster Mash Traveller - limited EditionTRA3853
Morning at the Tate Scarf KitKIT3229
Morning Glories DamselDMS2510
Morning Glories Djinni DJ2512
Morning Glories Dragon SockDRS2514
Morning Glories PixiePIX2510
Morning Glories TravellerTRA2510
Moroccan Magique Wrap KitKIT37930
Mossy Bank DamselDMS2830
Mossy Bank Dance Rustic Silk DA2835
Mossy Bank DharmaDHA28311
Mossy Bank DjinniDJ2830
Mossy Bank Dragon SockDRS2838
Mossy Bank PixiePIX2835
Mossy Bank Selkie SportSSP2832
Mossy Bank Squishy LaceSQ2836
Mossy Bank Super TravellerSTR2832
Mossy Bank TravellerTRA2832
Mossy Bank ValkyrieVAL28313
Mossy Glen DamselDMS3306
Mossy Glen DharmaDHA3308
Mossy Glen Djinni DJ3304
Mossy Glen Dragon SockDRS3300
Mossy Glen PixiePIX3300
Mossy Glen Pixie - 2 ozPIX330L8
Mossy Glen Selkie SportSSP3303
Mossy Glen Super TravellerSTR3300
Mossy Glen TravellerTRA3300
Mossy Glen ValkyrieVAL3302
Mother's Day Gift CardGIFT299999
Mushroom Hunting DamselDMS0724
Mushroom Hunting DharmaDHA0724
Mushroom Hunting DjinniDJ0729
Mushroom Hunting Dragon SockDRS0720
Mushroom Hunting PixiePIX07216
Mushroom Hunting Polwarth Silk RovingPS0720
Mushroom Hunting Selkie SportSSP0726
Mushroom Hunting Squishy LaceSQ0726
Mushroom Hunting Super TravellerSTR0726
Mushroom Hunting TravellerTRA0720
Mushroom Hunting ValkyrieVAL0720
Neapolitan Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS0760
Nekkid DamselDMS1960
Nekkid Dance Rustic Silk DA1960
Nekkid Djinni DJ1960
Nekkid Dragon SockDRS1960
Nekkid Pixie PIX1960
Nekkid Traveller TRA1967
Nevermore DamselDMS1924
Nevermore DjinniDJ1926
Nevermore Dragon SockDRS1922
Nevermore PixiePIX1920
Nevermore Super TravellerSTR1920
Nevermore Valkyrie VAL1921
Night At The Ballpark Damsel - Limited EditionDMS3800
Night At The Ballpark Dharma - Limited EditionDHA3805
Night At The Ballpark Djinni - Limited EditionDJ3808
Night At The Ballpark Squishy Lace-limited editionSQ3803
Night At The Ballpark Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR3801
Night At The Ballpark Traveller - Limited EditionTRA3803
Night in TunisiaPAT-Nig0
Norbert DamselDMS0773
Norbert DjinniDJ0770
Norbert Dragon SockDRS0772
Norbert PixiePIX0776
Norbert Squishy LaceSQ0776
Norbert Super TravellerSTR0773
Norbert Traveller TRA0770
Norbert Valkyrie VAL0772
Nordic Border Cowl KitKIT3180
Nymeria DamselDMS1847
Nymeria DharmaDHA1841
Nymeria DjinniDJ1840
Nymeria Dragon SockDRS1847
Nymeria PixiePIX1840
Nymeria Selkie SportSSP1841
Nymeria Squishy LaceSQ1842
Nymeria Super TravellerSTR1843
Nymeria Traveller TRA1845
Nymeria ValkyrieVAL1844
Oculus Hat KitKIT40015
Ode to Sock Summit DamselDMS0800
Ode to Sock Summit DjinniDJ0800
Ode to Sock Summit Dragon SockDRS0800
Ode to Sock Summit PixiePIX0800
Ode to Sock Summit Polwarth Silk RovingPS0800
Ode to Sock Summit TravellerTRA0800
Old Rose Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS3590
On the Forest Floor Pattern LinkPAT-ont1
On the Forest Floor Shawl KitKIT2673
Orchid Thief DamselDMS1457
Orchid Thief Dance Rustic Silk DA1450
Orchid Thief DjinniDJ1452
Orchid Thief Dragon SockDRS1451
Orchid Thief Pixie PIX1452
Orchid Thief Polwarth Silk RovingPS1450
Orchid Thief Selkie SportSSP1454
Orchid Thief Squishy LaceSQ1456
Orchid Thief Super TravellerSTR1450
Orchid Thief Traveller TRA1453
Orchid Thief ValkyrieVAL1451
Oriental Poppies DamselDMS2529
Oriental Poppies Dance Rustic Silk DA2523
Oriental Poppies DharmaDHA2523
Oriental Poppies DjinniDJ2525
Oriental Poppies Dragon SockDRS2522
Oriental Poppies PixiePIX2523
Oriental Poppies Polwarth Silk RovingPS2521
Oriental Poppies Selkie SportSSP2529
Oriental Poppies Squishy LaceSQ2527
Oriental Poppies Traveller TRA2526
Oriental Poppies ValkyrieVAL2520
Oriential Poppies Super TravellerSTR2524
Painted DesertPAT-Pai1
Paisaje Maditerraneo DamselDMS2530
Paisaje Mediterraneo Djinni DJ2539
Paisaje Mediterraneo Dragon SockDRS2539
Pale Lime PixiePIX3671
Pale Lime Traveller TRA3671
Paradise Hill ShawlettePAT-00241
Parsley ShawlPAT-Par1
Peach Melba DamselDMS0836
Peach Melba DharmaDHA0833
Peach Melba DjinniDJ0830
Peach Melba Dragon SockDRS0833
Peach Melba PixiePIX0838
Peach Melba Squishy LaceSQ0830
Peach Melba Super TravellerSTR0832
Peach Melba Traveller TRA0836
Peony DamselDMS0844
Peony DjinniDJ0841
Peony Dragon SockDRS0845
Peony Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS084SET15
Peony Pixie PIX0840
Peony Super TravellerSTR0845
Peony TravellerTRA0848
Peony Traveller Gradient SetTRA084SET8
Persian Sunset Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ913512
Phoenix HatPAT-Ph11
Pinot Noir Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ91624
Pool PartyTraveller - Limited EditionTRA91810
Poseidon DamselDMS0900
Poseidon Dance Rustic Silk DA0909
Poseidon DharmaDHA0903
Poseidon DjinniDJ0902
Poseidon Dragon SockDRS0900
Poseidon PixiePIX0903
Poseidon Selkie SportSSP0904
Poseidon Squishy LaceSQ0905
Poseidon Super TravellerSTR0902
Poseidon Traveller TRA0905
Poseidon ValkyrieVAL0906
Pumpkin Head DamselDMS0921
Pumpkin Head Dance Rustic Silk DA0920
Pumpkin Head DjinniDJ0921
Pumpkin Head Dragon SockDRS0922
Pumpkin Head PixiePIX0926
Pumpkin Head Selkie SportSSP0920
Pumpkin Head Squishy LaceSQ0922
Pumpkin Head Super TravellerSTR0920
Pumpkin Head Traveller TRA0920
Purple Haze DamselDMS0882
Purple Haze DharmaDHA0881
Purple Haze Djinni DJ08811
Purple Haze Dragon SockDRS0885
Purple Haze Pixie PIX0880
Purple Haze Polwarth Silk RovingPS0880
Purple Haze Selkie SportSSP0885
Purple Haze Squishy LaceSQ0886
Purple Haze Super TravellerSTR0880
Purple Haze TravellerTRA0880
Purple Haze Valkyrie VAL0882
Pussy Willow Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91590
Queen of Tarts Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ0933
Quinn SocksPAT-Qui0
Quo VadisPAT-Quo0
Radioactive DamselDMS3061
Radioactive Dance Rustic Silk DA3060
Radioactive DjinniDJ3065
Radioactive Dragon SockDRS3060
Radioactive PixiePIX3063
Radioactive TravellerTRA3060
Radioactive Traveller - LightTRA306L2
Radioactive ValkyrieVAL3061
Rainbow Limited Edition Traveller TRA1513
Rainbow Sherbet Limited Edition DjinniDJ91241
Rainy Days and Mondays DjinniDJ3140
Raspberry DamselDMS1910
Raspberry Dance Rustic SilkDA1910
Raspberry DjinniDJ1910
Raspberry PixiePIX1910
Raspberry Squishy LaceSQ1910
Raspberry Super TravellerSTR1910
Raspberry Traveller TRA1910
Red Bud Big Foot RovingBFR0950
Red Bud DamselDMS0952
Red Bud Dance Rustic Silk DA0951
Red Bud DharmaDHA0955
Red Bud DjinniDJ0950
Red Bud Dragon SockDRS0953
Red Bud PixiePIX0956
Red Bud Polwarth Silk RovingPS0950
Red Bud Selkie SportSSP0953
Red Bud Squishy LaceSQ0955
Red Bud Super TravellerSTR0950
Red Bud Traveller TRA0951
Red Canary Traveller LImited EditionTRA3391
Red Maple DamselDMS0942
Red Maple DjinniDJ0942
Red Maple Dragon SockDRS0940
Red Maple PixiePIX0943
Red Maple Squishy LaceSQ0940
Red Maple Super TravellerSTR0940
Red Maple Traveller TRA0943
Rhinecliff CowlPAT-00151
Ribbon Candy Limited Edition DjinniDJ90700
Riptide DamselDMS0977
Riptide DharmaDHA0974
Riptide Djinni DJ0972
Riptide Dragon SockDRS0970
Riptide PixiePIX0975
Riptide Selkie SportSSP0975
Riptide Squishy LaceSQ0975
Riptide Super TravellerSTR0970
Riptide Traveller TRA0970
Riptide ValkyrieVAL0972
River CowlPAT-Riv1
Roald Dahl Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90260
Rocky Top DamselDMS10010
Rocky Top DjinniDJ1006
Rocky Top Dragon SockDRS1003
Rocky Top Pixie PIX1005
Rocky Top Selkie SportSSP1001
Rocky Top Squishy LaceSQ1006
Rocky Top Super TravellerSTR1002
Rocky Top TravellerTRA1000
Rocky Top ValkyrieVAL10010
Rodeo DamselDMS2893
Rodeo Dragon SockDRS2896
Rodeo Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS289SET7
Rodeo PixiePIX2890
Rodeo TravellerTRA2894
Rodeo Traveller Gradient SetTRA289SET4
Rodeo ValkyrieVAL28911
Roots of LovePAT-00101
Rose Quartz Dance Rustic Silk DA92010
Rosemary & BayPAT-Ros0
Rothko Likes Pink Dragon SockDRS2550
Rothko Likes Pink DamselDMS2559
Rothko Likes Pink DjinniDJ2550
Rothko Likes Pink PixiePIX2550
Rothko Likes Pink Super TravellerSTR2550
Rothko Likes Pink Valkyrie VAL2551
Saki LitePAT-Sak1
Sapling Mitten KitsKIT3516
Satellite Blue Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90630
Save the Ta Tas DamselDMS1010
Save the Ta Tas Squishy LaceSQ1011
Save the Ta Tas Traveller TRA1010
Save the Ta-Tas PixiePIX1010
Save the Ta-Tas DjinniDJ1012
Save the Ta-Tas Dragon SockDRS1010
Save the Ta-Tas Polwarth Silk RovingPS1010
Save the Ta-Tas Selkie SportSSP10110
Save the Ta-Tas Super TravellerSTR1010
Save the Ta-Tas ValkyrieVAL1018
Scouting CowlPAT-Sc10
Sea Nymph Pixie Limited EditionPIX92122
Sea Star Djinni - Limited EditionDJ2770
Sea Star Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS2770
Sea Star Traveller - Limited EditionTRA2773
Sedona Red Rock Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ91349
Seesaw TeePAT-See0
Shaolin Fantastic Traveller - Limited EditionTRA91942
Shenanigan Damsel - Limited editionDMS1620
Shenanigan Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS1620
Shift Your Knits Line Shawl KitKIT39412
Shiraz Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ90301
Shiraz Traveller - Limited EditionTRA90301
Silver Fox DamselDMS1038
Silver Fox Dance Rustic Silk DA1034
Silver Fox DharmaDHA10311
Silver Fox DjinniDJ1036
Silver Fox Dragon SockDRS1036
Silver Fox PixiePIX1034
Silver Fox Selkie SportSSP10310
Silver Fox Squishy LaceSQ1035
Silver Fox Super TravellerSTR1030
Silver Fox Traveller TRA1035
Silver Fox ValkyrieVAL10314
Silverleaf Shawl KitKIT3779
Siren Super TravellerSTR1040
Skyline Drive Djinni - Limited EditionDJ3830
Skyline Drive Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS3830
Skyline Drive Pixie - Limited EditionPIX3830
Skyline Drive Selkie Sport - Limited EditionSSP3834
Skyline Drive Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR3834
Skyline Drive Traveller - Limited EditionTRA3830
Skyline Drive Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL3830
Socks for Sox PixiePIX3280
Socks for Sox! DamselDMS3280
Socks for Sox! Dragon SockDRS3285
Socks for Sox! Traveller TRA3283
Sox for Socks! DjinniDJ3288
Spectrum Shawl KitKIT3170
Spiced WinePAT-00161
Splash Pixie - light - Limited EditionPIX3374
Spooky DamselDMS1079
Spooky DjinniDJ1077
Spooky Dragon SockDRS1072
Spooky Merino Silk RovingMS1071
Spooky PixiePIX1078
Spooky Super TravellerSTR1075
Spooky Traveller TRA10714
Spooky ValkyrieVAL10712
Spring ChillPAT-Spr1
Springtime in Washington DamselDMS1093
Springtime in Washington DharmaDHA1097
Springtime in Washington DjinniDJ1090
Springtime in Washington Dragon SockDRS1090
Springtime in Washington Merino Silk RovingMS1092
Springtime in Washington PixiePIX1090
Springtime in Washington Polwarth Silk RovingPS1090
Springtime in Washington Squishy LaceSQ1090
Springtime in Washington Super TravellerSTR1090
Springtime in Washington Traveller TRA1091
Springtime in Washington ValkyrieVAL1093
Sproutlet Dance Rustic Silk - Limited EditionDA2985
Squash SocksPAT-Squ1
Starry Night DamselDMS1113
Starry Night DjinniDJ1111
Starry Night Dragon SockDRS1111
Starry Night Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS111SET8
Starry Night Gradient ScarfPAT-Sta1
Starry Night Gradient Scarf KitKIT2657
Starry Night Merino Silk RovingMS1110
Starry Night PixiePIX1110
Starry Night Selkie SportSSP1113
Starry Night Super TravellerSTR1110
Starry Night TravellerTRA1110
Starry Night Traveller Gradient SetTRA111SET0
Starry Night ValkyrieVAL1111
Starry Night Valkyrie - LightVAL111L0
Starting Point Wrap KitKIT3745
Steel Magnolias Damsel DMS1463
Steel Magnolias DjinniDJ1460
Steel Magnolias Dragon SockDRS1460
Steel Magnolias PixiePIX1461
Steel Magnolias Super TravellerSTR1460
Steel Magnolias Traveller TRA1460
Still Water Limited Edition DjinniDJ91230
Stoll Christmas DamselDMS1120
Stoll Christmas DjinniDJ1125
Stoll Christmas Dragon SockDRS1128
Stoll Christmas ValkyrieVAL1123
Stormy Limited Edition Squishy LaceSQ91390
Stormy Monday Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ91870
Stormy Mondays Dance Rustic Silk - Limited EditionDA91870
Straight as an ArrowPAT-Ar11
Straight as an Arrow The CowlPAT-Ar31
Straight as an Arrow The HatPAT-Ar21
Sugar Shack DamselDMS2544
Sugar Shack DjinniDJ25410
Sugar Shack Dragon SockDRS2542
Sugar Shack PixiePIX2541
Sugar Shack ValkyrieVAL2540
Sumerina Brown Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS91860
Summer SnowflakesPAT-Sum0
Summerberry Damsel- Limited EditionDMS1133
Summerberry Polwarth Roving- Limited EditionPO1130
Summerberry Traveller - Limited EditionTRA1130
Suzanne ToquePAT-Suz0
Tapenade Damsel- Limited EditionDMS91424
Tapenade Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91424
Tapenade Super Traveller - Limited EditionSTR91423
Temperance Hat and Cowl Kit KIT3917
Tequila Sunset Pixie - Limited EditionPIX91302
Teresa RosePAT-00261
That Ol' Chestnut DamselDMS1180
That Ol' Chestnut Dance Rustic Silk DA1185
That Ol' Chestnut DharmaDHA11811
That Ol' Chestnut DjinniDJ1180
That Ol' Chestnut Dragon SockDRS1180
That Ol' Chestnut Merino Silk RovingMS1180
That Ol' Chestnut PixiePIX1183
That Ol' Chestnut Polwarth Silk RovingPS1180
That Ol' Chestnut Selkie SportSSP1188
That Ol' Chestnut Squishy LaceSQ11819
That Ol' Chestnut Super TravellerSTR1182
That Ol' Chestnut Traveller TRA1181
That Ol' Chestnut ValkyrieVAL11813
The Abstract MiterPAT-Abs1
The Birdcage ShawlPAT-Bir0
The Chase Traveller - Limited EditionTRA2331
The Crone Dragon SockDRS3573
The DoubloonPAT-Dou1
The Easy Ombre Hat KitKIT3070
The French Broad Valkyrie - Limited editionVAL3530
The Laundress DamselDMS2562
The Laundress DharmaDHA2561
The Laundress Djinni DJ2560
The Laundress Dragon SockDRS2566
The Laundress PixiePIX2560
The Laundress Polwarth Silk RovingPS2561
The Laundress Selkie SportSSP2563
The Laundress Squishy LaceSQ2566
The Laundress TravellerTRA2560
The Laundress ValkyrieVAL2561
The LinePAT-Lin1
The Lotus CowlPAT-Lot0
The Maiden Dragon SockDRS3553
The Maiden TravellerTRA3552
The Queen Dragon SockDRS3581
The Sheaf DamselDMS2485
The Sheaf Djinni DJ2488
The Sheaf Dragon SockDRS2481
The Sheaf PixiePIX2483
The Sheaf Polwarth Silk RovingPS2480
The Sheaf TravellerTRA2482
The Shire Limited Edition Dragon SockDRS92143
The Shire Limited Edition Super TravellerSTR92145
The Shire Limited Edition ValkyrieVAL92149
The Warrior Dragon SockDRS3563
There Be Dragonflies Beaded BeretPAT-00171
There Be Dragonflies ShawlPAT-The1
Things With WingsPAT-00211
This BlissPAT-Thi0
Titania Selkie SportSSP1191
Titania DamselDMS1194
Titania Dance Rustic Silk DA1190
Titania DharmaDHA1195
Titania DjinniDJ1191
Titania Dragon SockDRS11912
Titania Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS119SET10
Titania PixiePIX1196
Titania Squishy Lace SQ1195
Titania Super TravellerSTR1194
Titania Traveller TRA1192
Titania Traveller Gradient SetTRA119SET4
Titania ValkyrieVAL11913
Titania's ShawlPAT-Tit0
Tortie Damsel - Limited EditionDMS1865
Travelling to Infinity CowlPAT-Tr20
Travelling to Infinity HatPAT-Tr10
Travelling to Infinity MittsPAT-Tr30
Tree of Life DharmaDHA2462
Tree of Life Dragon SockDRS2467
Tree of Life Merino Silk RovingMS2461
Tree of Life PixiePIX2461
Tree of Life Squishy LaceSQ2462
Tree of Life Traveller TRA2460
Tree of Life ValkyrieVAL24613
Tristano ShawlPAT-00071
Tropical Cruise Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS90790
Turning Leaves DamselDMS1235
Turning Leaves DjinniDJ1238
Turning Leaves PixiePIX1232
Turning Leaves Polwarth Silk RovingPS1230
Turning Leaves Super TravellerSTR1239
Turning Leaves Traveller TRA1233
Turning Leaves ValkyrieVAL1231
Urban Fox DamselDMS2847
Urban Fox Dance Rustic Silk DA2841
Urban Fox DharmaDHA2841
Urban Fox Djinni DJ2842
Urban Fox Dragon SockDRS2841
Urban Fox Merino Silk RovingMS2841
Urban Fox PixiePIX2842
Urban Fox Selkie SportSSP2845
Urban Fox Squishy LaceSQ2848
Urban Fox Super TravellerSTR2840
Urban Fox Traveller TRA2840
Urban Fox ValkyrieVAL2848
Vampyre Damsel - Limited EditionDMS1240
Vampyre Djinni - Limited EditionDJ1240
Vampyre Dragon SockDRS1240
Vampyre Pixie - Limited EditionPIX1243
Vampyre Squishy Lace - Limited EditionSQ1243
Vampyre Super TravellerSTR1240
Vampyre Traveller - Limited EditionTRA1242
Vampyre Valkyrie - Limited EditionVAL1241
Van Gogh's Bedroom DamselDMS3276
Van Gogh's Bedroom DjinniDJ3276
Van Gogh's Bedroom Dragon SockDRS32710
Van Gogh's Bedroom PixiePIX3277
Van Gogh's Bedroom Selkie SportSSP3272
Van Gogh's Bedroom Super TravellerSTR3271
Van Gogh's Bedroom TravellerTRA3272
Van Gogh's Bedroom ValkyrieVAL3276
Van Gogh's Sunflowers DamselDMS1480
Van Gogh's Sunflowers DjinniDJ1482
Van Gogh's Sunflowers Dragon SockDRS1484
Van Gogh's Sunflowers PixiePIX1480
Van Gogh's Sunflowers Super TravellerSTR1480
Van Gogh's Sunflowers Traveller TRA1484
Velvet Underground DamselDMS12510
Velvet Underground Dance Rustic Silk DA1250
Velvet Underground DharmaDHA12510
Velvet Underground DjinniDJ1251
Velvet Underground Dragon SockDRS1250
Velvet Underground PixiePIX1257
Velvet Underground Pixie - LightPXM125 2oz11
Velvet Underground Squishy LaceSQ1252
Velvet Underground Super TravellerSTR1252
Velvet Underground Traveller TRA1254
Velvet Underground ValkyrieVAL12518
Vincent and the DoctorPAT-Vin1
Vote! Damsel - Limited EditionDMS3491
Vote! Djinni - Limited EditionDJ3490
Vote! Dragon Sock - Limited EditionDRS3490
Vote! Pixie - Limited EditionPIX3491
Walkin on the Sun Polwarth Silk RovingPS1290
Walkin' on the Sun DamselDMS1290
Walkin' on the Sun DjinniDJ1290
Walkin' on the Sun Dragon SockDRS1290
Walkin' on the Sun PixiePIX1290
Walkin' on the Sun Super TravellerSTR1290
Walkin' on the Sun Traveller TRA1290
Warhol's Marilyn DjinniDJ2471
Warhol's Marilyn Dragon SockDRS2470
Warhol's Marilyn PixiePIX2471
Warhol's Marilyn Selkie SportSSP2473
Warhol's Marilyn Traveller TRA2472
Warhol's Marilyn ValkyrieVAL24715
Warrior ShawlPAT-War0
Water MusicPAT-00131
Watermelon Head DamselDMS1304
Watermelon Head DjinniDJ1304
Watermelon Head Dragon SockDRS1304
Watermelon Head PixiePIX1300
Watermelon Head Polwarth Silk RovingPS1300
Wavelength Cowl KitKIT341A8
Weaverknits Grellow DamselDMS1337
Weaverknits Grellow Dance Rustic Silk DA1331
Weaverknits Grellow Djinni DJ1330
Weaverknits Grellow PixiePIX133 0
Weaverknits Grellow Selkie Sport SSP1333
Weaverknits Grellow Squishy LaceSQ1338
Weaverknits Grellow Super TravellerSTR1330
Weaverknits Grellow TravellerTRA1330
Weaverknits Grellow ValkyrieVAL1335
West with the Night DamselDMS1491
West with the Night Dance Rustic Silk DA1497
West with the Night DharmaDHA1498
West with the Night DjinniDJ1493
West with the Night Dragon SockDRS1490
West with the Night PixiePIX1491
West with the Night Selkie SportSSP1493
West with the Night Squishy LaceSQ1494
West with the Night Super TravellerSTR1491
West with the Night Traveller TRA1490
West with the Night ValkyrieVAL1498
Whale Line Traveller - Limited EditionTRA1571
When the Cowl'd Wind BlowsPAT-Whe0
Wine Country DamselDMS0131
Wine Country Dance Rustic Silk DA0133
Wine Country DharmaDHA0134
Wine Country DjinniDJ0131
Wine Country Dragon SockDRS0133
Wine Country Pixie PIX0133
Wine Country Selkie SportSSP0133
Wine Country Squishy LaceSQ0135
Wine Country Super TravellerSTR0130
Wine Country TravellerTRA0132
Wine Country Valkyrie VAL0133
Winter Woods B DamselDMS136B3
Winter Woods DamselDMS1364
Winter Woods Dance Rustic Silk DA1361
Winter Woods DharmaDHA1369
Winter Woods Djinni DJ1363
Winter Woods Dragon SockDRS1363
Winter Woods Dragon Sock Gradient SetDRS136SET0
Winter Woods Merino Silk RovingMS1360
Winter Woods PixiePIX1363
Winter Woods Polwarth Silk RovingPS1360
Winter Woods Selkie SportSSP1362
Winter Woods Squishy LaceSQ1365
Winter Woods Super TravellerSTR1360
Winter Woods TravellerTRA1360
Winter Woods Traveller Gradient SetTRA136SET2
Winter Woods ValkyrieVAL1360
Winter Woods Valkyrie - HeavyVAL136H2
Winterfell DamselDMS1872
Winterfell Dance Rustic Silk DA1870
Winterfell DharmaDHA1872
Winterfell DjinniDJ1872
Winterfell Dragon SockDRS1872
Winterfell PixiePIX1871
WInterfell Selkie SportSSP1871
Winterfell Super TravellerSTR1871
Winterfell TravellerTRA1872
Winterfell ValkyrieVAL1874
Wrigleyville DjinniDJ2752
Wrigleyville Dragon SockDRS2752
Wrigleyville Super TravellerSTR2755
Wrigleyville Traveller TRA2750
Wrought Iron CardiPAT-000000000011
X Marks the SpotPAT-Xmar0
Yellow Water Lily Limited Edition PixiePIX91712
Zero KelvinPAT-Zer0
Zombie Apocalypse DamselDMS1373
Zombie Apocalypse Dance Rustic Silk DA1370
Zombie Apocalypse DjinniDJ1379
Zombie Apocalypse Dragon SockDRS1373
Zombie Apocalypse Dragon Sock 2 ozDRS137L1
Zombie Apocalypse PixiePIX1372
Zombie Apocalypse Pixie 2 ozPIX137L6
Zombie Apocalypse Squishy LaceSQ1373
Zombie Apocalypse Super TravellerSTR1375
Zombie Apocalypse TravellerTRA1370
Zombie Apocalypse ValkyrieVAL1370