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Lights Burn Blue

By Jennifer RaymondAs described by the designer: ‘Wear the cuff buttoned up for extra cover when its cold, or wear them unbuttoned for a fashionable statement: Lights Burn Blue are stylish either way! Choose some stunning buttons to be the highlight of these winter accessories. It is best to base the mittens on the hand […]

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A Golden Landscape

By Fatimah Hinds As described by the designer: ‘These striking mitts begin and end with a simple 1×1 ribbing. Thumb shaping is included to make them comfortable and well fitting. A charted and written motif on the body of the mitts is set on a reverse stockinette background. The mitts are mirror images of one

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The Abstract Miter

By Fatimah HindsAs described by the designer: ‘ The Abstract Miter is a play on a classic knit pattern: the mitered square. The blanket begins with a square and is then mitered using the top and picked up stitches along one side. The final 2 colors are knit at right angles to each other giving

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Chain Mitts

By Jolene Mosley As described by the designer: ‘Easy to work cable fingerless (mitt) glove pattern. The yarn can be either dk or worsted weight yarn and come out nicely. Working in worsted weight will create a squishy warmer fabric, working in dk weight will give a more drape in the fabric. Changes in size

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Dragonfly Mitts

By Stephannie Tallent As described by the designer: ‘The pretty lace cuff, with contrast color edging, segues into a small peerie pattern. Next you get to work the stylized dragonfly motifs (back of hand & thumb gusset) and shell motif (palm). Simple ribbing, again with a contrast color edge, tops off the mitt and thumb.

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