Dragonfly Mitts

By Stephannie Tallent

As described by the designer: ‘The pretty lace cuff, with contrast color edging, segues into a small peerie pattern. Next you get to work the stylized dragonfly motifs (back of hand & thumb gusset) and shell motif (palm). Simple ribbing, again with a contrast color edge, tops off the mitt and thumb. Of course the motif is mirrored for right and left mitts! The mitts are fully charted (left and right mitts) for each size. Decrease or increase rounds are also noted in the pattern. Blue guidelines are placed to help you keep your place on the chart. The pattern is designed to keep floats short as much as possible, though occasionally there are longer floats.’

Yarn Base

Yarn Base

Suggested Needle Size

US 1 /2.5 mm, US 0/2.0 mm, US 4/3.5 mm



Finished Size

Womens S (M, L)
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