Moroccan Magique Wrap Kit

Moroccan Magique is a 5 skein shawl with fagotting, garter, slipped stitches and short rowed panels (for some drape.) When blocked it is a rectangle that forms into a semi-circle shape. It is reminiscent of Moroccan markets where the rich colors mix and match and nothing color-wise is out of bounds. The shawl begins at one end with four panels: 1: Slipped stitches, 2: A patterned eyelet stockinette stitch, 3: A pattern knit/purl stich, and 4: A knit/purl zig-zag stitch.

The kit includes (4) 4 oz skeins of Dragon Sock and (1) 2 oz skein in one of 6 color combinations. Each 4 oz skein contains approx. 390 yards. The pattern can be purchased directly from the designer here:

The color combinations are as follows:

Kit 1: Jocelyn, Bougainvillea, Airport Hot Sauce, Red Bud, Golden Compass-2 ounce

Kit 2: Purple Haze, Heliotrope, Orchid Thief, Arya, Zombie Apocalypse-2 ounce

Kit 3: Spooky, Urban Fox, Hidalgo, Wine Country, Cognac-2 ounce,

Kit 6:Forget Me Knot, Warhol’s Marilyn, Mermaid, Daenerys, Radioactive- 2 ounce

Dragon Sock is 100% superwash merino. Very soft and springy with a nice tight twist.