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Perfect Blend MKAL

Casapkina is doing it again- “The Perfect Blend MKAL!” is a tea theme mystery-knit-a-long starting July 8 and we have kits! It will be a boomerang shaped shawl- the rest is a mystery. Casapinka has given us guidance on the best use of colors; you should have seen the fun we had laying out all of our colors and putting together groups of 12. We came up with 6 striking combos- there is something for everyone.

The MKAL will start July 8 and last 6 weeks, and there will be an active lag-along group. You can learn more about the MKAL and purchase the pattern here.

We have kits on the shelves and are shipping real time.

Each kit contains twelve 1.5oz skeins of Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock, 100% merino. Each skein of 2-ply yarn has approx 140 yards and is perfect for the larger size of this mystery knit.

Kit 1- Dragon Pearls: Hot Pants, Bougainvillea, Dragonberry, Living Coral, Apollo, The Maiden, Feeling Lucky?, Captain Nemo, Blue Velvet, West with the Night, Daenerys, Heliotrope

Kit 2- Bubble Tea: Bougainvillea, Mid-Century Magnolia, Airport Hot Sauce, Mermaid, Hot Pants, Heliotrope, Limelight, Jocelyn, Feeling Lucky?, Beaches, Horton Hears a Who, The Crone

Kit 3- Darjeeling: Buttermilk, Tree of Life, Golden Compass, Persephone, Into the Woods, Captain Nemo, Icelandic Skies, Heliotrope, Royal, Forget Me Knot, Blue Velvet, Velvet Underground

Kit 4- Chamomile: Mid-century Magnolia, Peach Melba, Beauty School Dropout, Pale Lime, Dirty Martini, Dragon Wagon, Blue Moon, Hairspray, Captain Nemo, Birch, Mossy Glen, Mushroom Hunting

Kit 5- Lady Grey: Gray Moonstone, Big Apple, Silver Fox, Birch, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony, Save the Ta Tas, ‘Burning Bright’ Peony, ‘Topeka Garnet’ Peony, ‘Buckeye Belle’ Peony, Smoky Topaz, Red Bud, and Black Walnut.

Kit 6- Rooibos: Wine Country, Red Maple, Dragonberry, Bougainvillea, Big Apple, District 12, Silver Fox, Icelandic Skies, Purple Haze, Heliotrope, Heroine, and Arya.