Soldotna Crop

The Soldotna Crop is a top-down circular yoke sweater that features stranded colorwork. Perfect for layering over linen dresses as well high-waisted skirts and pants. This design is simple enough for an adventurous beginner, yet still engaging for advanced knitters. Best of all, the cropped length and sleeveless style make this a super quick and gratifying project. The body length is easily adjustable, keep in mind changes will alter the yardage required.

This kit is available in 3 sizes and 6 color options. Each kit contains 4 colors hand-selected in the amounts needed for your size. All yarn is DK weight Traveller (100% merino, 4oz is approx 280 yards)

Sizes and yarn requirements are as follows:

-32.75″, 36.5″, 40″, 44.5″: 1 (4oz) skein of C1, 1 (4oz) skein of C2, 1 (2oz) skein of C3, 1 (2oz) skein of C4

-48″: 2 (4oz) skeins of C1, 1 (4oz) skein of C2, 1 (2oz) skein of C3, 1 (2oz) skein of C4

-52.5″, 56″: 2 (4oz) skeins of C1, 2 (4oz) skeins of C2, 1 (2oz) skein of C3, 1 (4oz) skein of C4

Please note- sweater is meant to be worn with 2-4.5″ of positive ease. Measurements listed above are finished garment numbers.

Color Options are as Follows: (C1, C2, C3, C4)

Kit 1: Velvet Underground, Silver Fox, Royal, Riptide

Kit 2: That Ol’ Chestnut, Golden Compass, Cheshire Cat, Silver Fox

Kit 3: Into the Woods, Birch, Peony, Smoky Topaz

Kit 4: Royal, Titania, District 12, Peach Melba

Kit 5: Poseidon, Mermaid, Smoky Topaz, Blue Skies

Kit 6: Julia’s Tresses, Jocelyn, Kelpie, Silver Fox

Note – the pattern is available directly from the designer on Ravelry.
Sample and photo credit to melxcloud (Ravelry name)