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About Our Company

Dragonfly Fibers is an indie yarn company specializing in artisan dyed yarn. We dye high quality knitting yarns and spinning fibers in deep, rich and sometimes crazy bright colors for your crafting pleasure. You can find our yarns and fibers here in the shop and in brick and mortar yarn shops across the country, as well as at various fiber festivals throughout the year.

The Colors of Happiness are created and shared with the world by Kate Chiocchio and the amazing Team Dragonfly - made up mostly of friends based in the Washington, DC area.

  • '07

    Dragonfly Fibers started as a result of Kate’s love affair with texture and color. Learning to knit when the kids were small very quickly resulted in seriously strong feelings for all kinds of yarn. Soon, every corner of the house was filled with yarn. Jack, thinking to rid the house of yarn, suggested starting a business. Little did he know!
  • '09

    After a few years of trial and error, and studying other yarn businesses, Kate hired a few of her dog and mom friends to help her wrangle the yarn and get it to her customers. Business operations took over the basement, the “dye studio” moved out of the kitchen and onto the deck with the addition of multiple propane burners, and yarn continued to explode all over the house.
  • '12

    Eventually, Kate’s family convinced her that the business had outgrown her home. After a long search, Kate and team moved into a new studio space. Dyeing capacity changed from six burners outdoors to eight in a custom-built natural gas stove. Stay tuned; who knows where Team Dragonfly will go next!

a Weight for Every Project