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By Jennifer Raymond

As described by the designer: ‘Octopodes are a pair socks with stranded colorwork on the foot, and helix knitting to stripe the ankle. All throughout, a pair of stripes shoot up the sides of the socks from toe to top, creating a strong visual line. When planning these socks I had some specific requirements: stranded, for warmth, with an afterthought heel as I always wear my heels out, and afterthought heels are easier to replace since stranded knitting is a pain to darn in pattern. However, I knew I wanted to carry the two colors of yarn into the ankle, but at the same time I didnt want the ankle in stranded knitting, as it would be too difficult to fit my heels into the socks. Since I have a fondness for helix striping combined with slip stitches, the ankle is as you see. Design uses approximately 113, 133, 156, 184, 221 yds of each color.’

Yarn Base

Yarn Base

Suggested Needle Size

US 1/2.25 mm


226 – 442 yards

Finished Size

Circumference around ball of foot: 88.5, 8.75, 9, 9.5 inches
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